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Comprehensive, Validated, Reliable Tests

  • Self Directed Search Form R, E, & CE Printed, & R INTERNET or Mobile Versions
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator with Career Report
  • Strong Interest Inventory Standard, College, and High School Versions
  • Strong Interest Inventory Standard, College, and High School Versions with Interpretive Reports
  • My Career Profile

Low Cost, Informal Tests

  • Career Interest Inventory
  • Picture Survey (This test can be used for children.)
  • RIASEC Inventory
  • Transferable Skills Scale

Bulk Tests

Bulk printed career test are sold in units of 25. Bulk online career tests are sold for more than 5 users. Here is information about the bulk items.

  • Career Interests Inventories
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicators
  • Picture Interest Surveys
  • RIASEC Inventory
  • Self-Directed Search Form Career Explorer Assessments and Booklets
  • Self- Directed Search Form E
  • Self-Directed Search Form R
  • Strong's Interest Inventory
  • Transferable Skills Scale

Web Resources
Web resources include downloads and items from the Resource Center.