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About Us

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We believe that everyone has to discover their identity to perform the activities and tasks that are aligned with your career goals.

We need to be motivated and inspired to reach our potential.

At, we have made available the best career tests.

About Holland

The Holland Codes Resource Center is located in Phoenix, AZ 85050. 

The motto for the Holland is "Helping Others Improve Their Lifestyles".

Background Information

Since 1998, the Holland Codes Resource Center staff members have been - 

  • Workshop presenters, career consultants, and educational services consultants
  • Curriculum conventions exhibitors at school conventions

At Holland Codes Resource Center, we have created career planning workshop resources for adults, children, parents, teachers, and counselors.

Across the state of Arizona, we have conducted exploring Holland Codes, careers, and college majors workshops.

The Holland Codes Resource Center sells resources about - 

  • Career/college planning
  • Social Media

About Dr. Mary Askew  

Stay in touch with what is happening in careers and social media!


Social Media Specialist - Hootsuite Certified Professional

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