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Dr. John L. Holland (1985) created Holland Code Career Model, Holland Hexagon Model or Holland Codes. has developed the Holland & Color Codes Model. This model is used with a variety of career assessments. Holland Codes assessments are career assessment tests. Different assessments provide career cluster information, college major information, lists of careers, and job finder resources.


There are print and internet resources.


The Models match jobs into job codes, interest clusters, work personality environments, or personality types. The Occupational Codes are -


  • Realistic
  • Investigative
  • Artistic
  • Social
  • Enterprising
  • Conventional

Realistic is one of the Holland Codes. Realistic types prefer to deal with Things.


A person with a Realistic Personality tends to be frank, practical, focused, mechanical, determined, or rugged.
Examples of Realistic Abilities include manipulating tools, doing mechanical or manual tasks, or doing athletic activities.


Investigative is one of the Holland Codes. Investigative types prefer to deal with Things and Ideas.


A person with an Investigative Personality tends to be analytical, intellectual, reserved, independent, and scholarly.
Examples of Investigative Abilities include working with abstract ideas and intellectual problems.

Artistic is one of the Holland Code Career Types. Artistic types prefer to deal with Ideas and People.


A person with a Artistic Personality tends to be complicated, original, impulsive, independent, expressive, and creative.
Examples of Artistic Abilities include using imagination and feelings in creative expression.

Social is one of the Holland Occupational Codes. Social types prefer to deal with People.


A person with a Social Personality tends to be helping, informing, teaching, inspiring, counseling, and serving.
Examples of Social Abilities include interacting with people and concerned with the welfare of people

Enterprising is one of the Holland Occupational Codes. Enterprising types prefer to deal with Data and People.


A person with an Enterprising Personality tends to be: persuasive, energetic, sociable, adventurous, ambitious, and risk-taking.
Examples of Enterprising Abilities include leading, managing, and organizing.

Conventional is one of the Holland Occupational Codes. Conventional types prefer to deal with Data and Things.


A person with a Conventional Personality tends to be careful, conforming, conservative, conscientious, self-controlled, and structured.
Examples of Conventional Abilities include ordering activities paying attention to details.

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