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10 Top Tips for Selecting the Right Career !!!!

Mary Askew career awareness career exploration career test college search holland codes occupational research

 Here are some of the topics from 10 Top Tips Booklet

  1. Follow The Road Map To Career Planning
  2. Recognize Your Interests, Abilities, Talents and Values.
  3. Learn Your Holland Personality Types and Codes.
  4. Acquire Career Clusters Information.
  5. Explore Careers.
  6. Identify Potential College Majors.
  7. Get The Quick Career Test Facts!
  8. Use Career Test Rating Chart.
  9. Get Detailed Information from the Catalog.
  10. Put All of the Facts Together. Use Career Test Checklist.

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Keys to Unlock Your Treasure Chest

Mary Askew career awareness career exploration career test careers holland codes

Dr. John L. Holland (1985) created Holland Code Career Model, Holland Hexagon Model or Holland Codes.


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Career tests help you find a gold mine!

Mary Askew career awareness career tests college search occupational research

What is the role of career tests? 

Career tests -

  1. Build awareness, knowledge and understanding of our strengths and interests

  2. Help you set goals for...

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