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Career & Social Media Omni-Channel

Mary Askew career awareness college search job search omnichannel social media

There are three different channels or methods people use to explore career and social media  information –
  • Cross channel
  • Multi Channel
  • Omni Channel

With a Cross Channel, you –

  • Go on the internet
  • Research a topic
  • Make a decision

Using Multi-Channel, you - 

  • Find your favorite, best channel
  • Communicate in the best possible way
  • Engage the way you like to communicate

Omni-Channel  is the channel used at the moment -

  • Career Exploration
  • Job Search
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing

With the Omni-Channel, you are not limited to any specific channel.  You use the channel that best fits the situation, the place, or the time.

Watch a video.

Get strategies on how to set-up and manage different channels!

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