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Strategize Your Job Search With Social Media!

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Social Media promotes social networking, the process of using already existing contacts to meet new people as potential social or business links.

Social Media helps you -

  • Provide immediate feedback
  • Provide 24/7 access to needed information and resources
  • Engage and connect with clients, students, customers, family, and friends,
  • Create environments or Personal Learning Networks where you can collaborate
  • Express critical thinking, innovation, and creativity

What is the focus of social media tools?

According to Michael Wu, Ph.D., two major types of media tools: Social Networks and Online Communities.

  • Social Networks are built upon pre-established relationships. People maintain old relationships and add new relationships to expand the network.
  • Online Communities are a virtual community of members or people that use the Internet to interact, communicate, or pursue shared interests.

Social Media Usage for Job Seekers and Students

Since the use of media technology is continuing to rise (Pew Research, 2013, 2014), social media is being used for networking, exploring career options, job searching, and professional development (NCDA, 2014).

Job Seekers

The top social media tool used by job seekers is Facebook (Forbes, 2014). Other top job seeker resources (Forbes, 2014) are –  
  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Twitter 
In contrast, more than three-quarters of hiring managers surveyed report actually hiring through the following social networks (US News, 2013) -  
  • 92 percent used LinkedIn
  • 24 percent hired from Facebook
  • 14 percent found their new hires on Twitter 

Job seekers also need guidance about How Social Media Can Help (Or Hurt) You In Your Job Search (Forbes, 2013)

High School and College Students

High school students use social media to research colleges, to gather information to help decide where to enroll (Zinch, 2013, Art & Science Group, 2013, IvyWise, LLC, 2013, Inside Higher Ed, 2012, US News 2012).
The top social media resource was Facebook (Harvard, 2014, Zinch 2013). Other visited social media sites were (Harvard, 2014, Art & Science Group, 2013) –  
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Tumblr 
While on college media sites, the top three (3) people students want to interact with are - currently enrolled students, admission counselors and other admitted students (Zunch, 2013, Uversity, Inc., 2013 ).

What types of social media tools are available?

Social media tools are mobile and web technologies like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Models of Social Media resources can be simple to complex.
Social Media Landscape 2014 by Frédéric Cavazza Since 2008, Frédéric Cavazza has outlined the progression social media to a “global social web”.
According to Cavazza:  
  • Social media and the web are the two faces of the same coin.
  • Less and less users are interested in publishing; all they are looking for are snackable content to share in order to start quick conversations and social interactions
  • The core of the global social web” come from media, commerce, or technology.

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